Abbreviations, Roles and Responsiblities.

HC - Head Coach
HQ - Organisation Head Quarters
BCS - Balintawak Combat System
CCM - Coach COT Method this is the "engine" that powers what we do! (more indepth technical info on separate page)
ITC - Intesive Training Course our premier Balintawak Combat System delivery program
BITP - Balintawak Combat Systems Instructor Training Program. This curriculum is largely based on the Taboada Balintawak Curriculum but with some significant inclusions. Any amendments can also be mapped over to continue in Bobby Taboadas Balintawak. We have been and are still proud members of 25 years standing.
GMBT FQI - Grand Master Bobby Taboada Fully Qualified Instructor
GMBT COA - Grand Master Bobby Taboada Completion of the Art
RED KAT - React Engage Disengage Knife Awarness Training
CSRED - Counter Strike - React Explode Destroy also called RED Tactical
B3 - Baton Blade Boxing
SAFE - Situation Awareness Fight/Flight Escape
BCSSG - Balintawak Combat System study group. A group of like minded students that arrange regular training sessions and sharing/ training of information but have no approved instructor has the head of the group. They are usually organising training inbetween official ITC or other types of regular courses and are deemed students.

Head Coach - Head of the organisation, setting both direction and implementing changes where necessary for the improvement of the organisation. Also oversees the quality standards of training/coaching and responsible for all instructors within the organisation

Global Coaching Team - Chosen to attend this newly formed team which undergoes its first tranche of coaches in the second quarter of 2019, thereafter they will consequently have qualified within the relevant coaching program. They are part of the Organisations global training team and able to carry out approved seminars on a worldwide basis.

Organisational Development Team - Directly involved alongside the Head Coach in the development of the organisations structure, administration and direction

Representative - A person entrusted and responsible for overseeing the propagation of Balintawak Combat System within thier country of residence, generally speaking they will maintain oversight of any co-ordinators of the same country residence who will liase with the representative and inturn feedback information to HQ

Co-ordinator - A person entrusted and responsible for co-ordinating the propagation of Balintawak Combat System within thier country of residence, generally liasing with the country representatives, the co-ordinator can also directly feedback information to HQ in cases where there is no one designated yet as a representative. A co-ordinator can also be given the representative role after a probationary period or where the representative is not carrying out there role.

Balintawak Instructor Training Program
BCS Instructor III - Level 5 exam passed and also passed the free sparring element within 2 years of the Instructor II examination

BCS Instructor II - Level 5 exam passed but not taken the free sparring element to achieve Instructor III status

BCS Instructor I - Level 4 exam passed

BCS Students 1,2 & 3 - Levels 1, 2 and 3 passed respectively

Involvement or mapping over to our additional programs

B3 Development Team - Have been or are still involved in the evolution of B3 Combat Coaching process evolution

Safe Program - Has been involved in the delivery of the safe program which delivers self protection training in educational institutions or womens self protection projects.

CSRED Team - Has been involved in the delivery of training to Military, Law Enforcment or Government Agencies groups / personnel

RED KAT Team - React Engage Disengage Knife Awarness Training. Has been involved in the delivery of the RED KAT program which delivers specialist knife awareness training in educational institutions.

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