Every training session is a question with answers scenario!




Why Basic?

  • Basic is advanced - and thats not referring to techniques its about truly understanding that less is more. Basic combative movement, mindset and timing are key players/ gamechangers in your training .

Why Learn to Teach?

  • Learn to teach, teach to learn - understanding for yourself how to self teach / learn through teaching others, its sort of unselfishly being selfish. Teaching can actually be the pinnacle of your information / application retention pyramid.


Why Include all?

  • Give everyone a chance - coaching is about understanding different triggers and mindsets of different people, some like to be a part, some like to look the part and some know how to manufacture and upgrade the parts (admittedly I prefer the latter).


Why Human Engineering?

  • The mainframe (skeletal structure) is just a system of fulcrums and levers workable in a multi axis tri planar way actioned by the neuromuscular system. The head is both the computer and the engine.


Why Not Style/Techniques?

  • Don't make techniques or styles the master they should infact be slave / subordinate to the application of human fighting physics. YOU ARE THE WEAPON.





Coach Rich Cotterill

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Coach Rich Cotterill

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