Setting direction and implementing changes where necessary for the improvement of the organisation. Maintaining the quality standards of the training/coaching programs and managing the instructors/coaches within the group.  Approving various achievement awards , recognising contribution to the group. Key role assignment particularly development teams. Act as  neutral mediators where dispute resolution is required.


Rich Cotterill

Chief Coach & Founder

Richard has spent 50 years training & teaching combatives in the Military, Law Enforcement and Ciivlian sectors



Bill Murray

Head Coach & Co Founder

Bill has spent 40+ years training & teaching. He was instrumental in assisting with the formation & development of the group



Steve Baker

Head Coach - Examiners Team

Steve started training in 1984 in traditional Japanese arts Ju-Jitsu & judo, Karate-do. Going on to train Balintawak in 1999



Daniel Prantner

Head Coach - Examiners Team

Dani started training Martial Arts in 1995 settting up the MAC Tirol club in 2003. In 2007 he went on to train and become instructor in the B3 & Balintawak Combat Systems



Vicente Sanchez

Head Coach - Examiners Team

Vicent has been training Filipino Martial Arts for 2 decades now, more than 10 years of those have been learning and teaching Balintawak Combat System


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Coach Rich Cotterill

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