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Our PREMIER Intensive Training Course

Providing quality combat knowledge & content

Structured Curriculum

5 stage modular curriculum with appropriate examination & testing ensuring a high quality and standard in terms of retained knowledge and armed/unarmed application

Coaching Team

Professional Coaches well versed in combat knowledge and application. Our team uses a modern effective approach to combat and fight training powered by CCM

Become part of a Global Team

Start your own school once you have gained sufficient knowledge and experience from the ITC training. There may also be further opportunities to map across onto some of our other training programs such as the B3 Combat System , SAFE program, RED KAT program and if you have the right military or government agency experience you might be able to get involved in our CSRED tactical training .

Regular Training

OUR premier Intensive training course (ITC) is designed to run at a location of your choosing every 3 months. Support training can be given inbetween the scheduled course dates to further enhance and fastrack your skill development

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With our membership pass it will enable you to benefit from reduced rates on this course and other courses/seminars along with options to buy merchandise a discounted prices. Join today and take advantage.

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Contact us and get involved, we can help you develop your personal self protection, understanding the use of armed and unarmed skillsets or assist in enchancing your existing skillsets.



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