Martin is the founder of SFEG - Weapons Combat System

SFEG Founder Martin Medvec

SFEG Founder Martin Medvec

My Name is Martin Medvec

Both Richard and myself founded  SFEG Weapons Combat System

SFEG is a comprehensive system originally founded by Rich Cotterill and Martin Medvec. SFEG acts as an Armed and Unarmed tactical weapons based combat sytem.

It basically originates out of Rich Cotterill's Balintawak and B3 sytems concepts, but it also includes firearms.

SFEG training gives you the opportunity to get closer to the reality of combat. Attacks are real and
therefore painful. All aspects of the fight from physical training, psychological preparation - such as managing the mental situation at the mental level - and many options to properly evaluate and survive the fight as such, are included here. In no case is it self-defense or something similar. This is a good explanation of high-risk situations and their handling in real-time submission.



Martin Medvec

Martin is an ex Law Enforcement Officer with over 30 years hands on experience in combat systems, many of that time spent on the front line. His specialisation is using edged weapons and employing Tactical Combat Shooting for high risk situations ( short and longe range firearms)

  • SFEG Founder and Chief Instructor

  • BCS Instructor II

  • CSRED Combat Develpoment Team


Langauges Spoken

  • Slovak
  • Russian
  • English


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